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small business IT

Whether you need some 1st-line or 2nd-line helpdesk support, a server specialist, training or consultancy/project work, we have a fantastic reputation but our labour charges are still among the lowest in the area.


IT / computer / server / network support

 We offer 3 rates for IT support to small organisations:

  - 'Pay as you go' remote support by phone, email or remote control - just £9.99 + VAT per 20 minutes;
  - 'Pay as you go' setup / configuration work and on-site visits - just £38.50 or £55 + VAT per hour;
  - Fixed-price support contracts - low-commitment rolling monthly agreements covering almost all aspects of your IT support and management for a fixed price, including pro-active maintenance and free annual 'health check' servicing.  We don't want to shock our competitors by publishing our price tariff here so please call us for a quick chat and instant quote!  Most are surprised how little it would cost.




Perhaps you .....
  ... want some one-on-one guidance to get the most from Excel spreadsheets;
  ... have deployed a new version of Windows or Office and need to train all of your staff;
  ... are considering offering basic computer training sessions to external groups of beginners.

Whatever your training need, we will be happy to discuss an appropriate syllabus and delivery method with you.  We already have a range of popular training courses established but we can also provide tailored or bespoke sessions.  These can be taken either at your own premises or at our Crawley or Chichester training venues.

Our friendly, patient and experienced trainers can provide the best tuition to groups of 1-6 trainees.

Courses available:
 - Microsoft Windows Basics (4 hours)
 - Microsoft Office 2010 / 2013 / 2016 Upgrade (4 hours)
 - Microsoft Word Intermediate (2 hours)
 - Microsoft Word Advanced (2 hours)
 - Microsoft Excel Basic (3 hours)
 - Microsoft Excel Advanced (3 hours)
 - Microsoft Powerpoint (2 hours)
 - Microsoft Outlook (3 hours)
 - Microsoft Publisher (3 hours) 

Course prices are as follows:
 - At your location: £55 per hour, e.g. £165 for 3 hours.
 - At our Crawley training facilities: £55 per hour, plus £10 for the first trainee, plus £20 for each additional trainee, e.g. £235 for 3 hours for 4 people.
 - At our Chichester training facilities: £55 per hour, plus £20 for the first trainee, plus £25 for each additional trainee, e.g. £260 for 3 hours for 4 people.



If you are considering implementing something new and want to talk through your ideas and get prices for products and services, we will be happy to have a chat about anything that you need.  We consider this to be pre-sales support and this isn't something that we charge for.

If you need more in-depth discussions, reviews, audits, research or proposals, then we can provide on-site and off-site consultancy services at just £55 + VAT per hour.  With more than 30 years experience within our business, there is little in the small business IT industry that we haven't already reviewed, implemented or supported.


Hosted services / cloud services

Our hosted (cloud) anti-virus service, with free updates and inclusive support, is very popular indeed.

We also offer:

  • Hosted Exchange Server email accounts - don't want to invest in your own email server? Use ours!
  • Hosted VPN - flexible managed remote access for branch offices and off-site workers.
  • Hosted Email Filtering - cloud-based anti-spam/anti-virus filtering of your emails before they reach your network.
  • Hosted Backup MX - 'store and forward' secondary mail server destination to add redundancy to your existing mail server.

Please call us to discuss how easily our hosted services can integrate into your existing IT systems and how cost-effective our services are.



We can help you to choose, procure and implement an appropriate Internet connection, whether it is a new service or migrating from one provider to another, using 'high-speed' ADSL, 'super-fast' fibre optic or 3G/4G wireless technology.


Secure data wiping

What do you do with a PC or server when it has reached the end of its useful life?  For many small businesses, the answer is to hide it in the back of a cupboard because they don't know how to safely destroy the private, confidential or sensitive data that the hard drive contains.  Fortunately, we do. 

Our secure data wiping service destroys all data on a hard drive to a level that meets US Department Of Defense security standards.  Our typical charge for this service is £38.50 + VAT for up to 4 hard drives.  If you are outside of Crawley, then a collection fee may apply.



Computer recycling

We think that it is a tragedy that so much computer equipment still finds its way into UK landfill sites.  We are also saddened to learn that computers donated to third-world causes often end up simply filling huge dumps in Africa, where the children get injured and the chemicals in the components poison the water.  

After securely wiping (or removing) any hard drive containing data, we will endeavour to re-home any computer equipment that still has a reasonable useful life and could be beneficial to another local person or organisation.  Where this isn't deemed to be worthwhile, we use the services of a fully WEEE-accredited IT recycling company in Crawley.  They will strip the computer for parts that could be used to extend the life of other older computers and whatever is left will be shredded into small metal particles, ready to be turned into something more useful such as a saucepan or washing machine.



Web design

Lots of IT businesses like to throw together web sites for paying clients.  It's easy money.  Building a web site is not difficult at all but doing it well does take some specialist skills, technical experience and a natural flair for design.  At Future Systems, we stick to what we are good at so, if you are looking for a web site update or complete redesign, we recommend that charities and non-profits contact Graham at Streets Ahead (www.streets-ahead.com) and that private sector small businesses get in touch with David at D24 Media (www.d24media.com).


Business phone systems

Business phone systems can be rather costly for the smallest businesses and yet they could also improve the efficiency of your office and the way that you deal with clients and prospects.  Because we understand the basics of phone systems, we will be happy to have a quick chat about what you want to achieve and offer some preliminary advice about whether you should be considering a fully-fledged multi-line integrated IP phone system, separate analogue phone lines, Skype or a mixture of various solutions.  Then, if required, we can bring in our specialist telecoms partner or put you in touch with them direct for expert advice on the best package to suit your needs and budget.